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DecaTrim is different from other diet pills because it is not an appetite suppressant. DecaTrim instead focuses on fat burning. Through our experience with this product, we’ve found that DecaTrim uses 10 powerful ingredients combined into a special formula that will help you loose weight quickly and effectively.

The Science Behind DecaTrim’s 10 Patented Trademarked Ingredients:

Thermodiamine. Recent Japanese studies show the power of Thermodiamine, and how when supplemented in a high-fat diet for 3 weeks, it can significantly help reduce body weight, overall fat percentages and epididymal fat weight.

Razberi K. This ingredient has been proven to increase the critical fat-burning fat burning hormone.

FucoPure. Made from Japanese Wakame seaweed, FucoPure provides oxidization to fat cells and releases energy by adaptive thermogenesis within fat cells of white adipose tissue and the abdominal fat of adult humans.

Forslean. This is the key ingredient to help you eliminate fat cells and build lean muscle to get better body shape.

Guggul EZ 100. Guggul EZ 100 is a special dark brown, 100% pure synthetic E and Z Guggulsterone extract targeted to enhance your thyroid gland function and promote weight loss.

Bioperine. This ingredient is crucial to help your body absorb the expansive ingredients in DecaTrim faster and more efficiently.

Green Tea. Green Tea has proven over the years to be a powerful weight loss natural ingredient. According to numerous scientific studies, (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 1999 Dec; 70(6):1040-5), the green tea extract has the ability to increase the metabolic rate and even suppress the appetite.

Capsaicin. Capsaicin is an antioxidant that will protect your body from harmful free radicals.

Synephrine HCl. Derived from the Citrus aurantium or bitter orange fruit, Synephrine provides a boost in energy while suppressing the appetite.

DHEA. DHEA increases metabolic rates to help you burn calories faster.

Decatrim can help you live a healthier lifestyle, however, your weight loss results also strongly depend on exercising and eating a balanced diet.